What Is the Great Awakening: “All Over the Earth”

by Leeland

November 15, 2011

In preparation for the recording we all met up in Nashville. I live there
now, so Leeland, Mike and Shelly flew up. Michael and Debbie Smith were
kind enough to let the band stay in their house. (We’ve started to call it
“Hotel Smitty”)

We relished the opportunity to get together in a room on our instruments,
get creative, and just see what happened. So we crammed into Michael’s
basement studio in his house and “All Over the Earth” was one of the songs
that came about.

I remember Leeland had this cool, looping melody line that I loved. I
started playing it on the piano and the whole band joined in. We just
started singing different lines and the lyrics started to form. Pretty
soon, it just turned into a worship time and all four of us were singing,
“OOOOH we give you praises!” really loud, and it was probably pretty
annoying to everyone in the house, but we couldn’t help it! haha

When we went in the studio, we had a pretty clear vision for the song. We
wanted it to feel like a live worship moment. So that’s basically what we
did. We all set up on our instruments and recorded everyone at once.
Originally that song was supposed to be about 4 minutes, not 9! But when
we hit the last note of the first take, Leeland kept going with this
little guitar line. We got caught up in the moment and kept worshiping. We
finished that first take, and Paul Moak (producer) said, “I don’t think we
should try to duplicate that one!”. So we just kept it. It’s pretty cool
because the last half of that song was completely spontaneous!

The lyrics to the song are pretty straight forward and simple, and that
was on purpose. We wanted it to be a plain declaration of how holy and
awesome God is. As a band, and as a ministry, we are desperate for His
kingdom to come in our lives. We long to see the church live victorious in
this final hour. And we’ve noticed that praise and victory go hand and
hand. We are only victorious when He is put in His rightful place in our
hearts and our lives!